Virtual Conference Tools

Login Info
Banff Session 2021 will utilize the Pheedloop virtual event platform. Your personal login credentials for the Pheedloop virtual event portal will be arriving in your inbox from Please check your junk or spam folders for this original email and contact if you lose your login credentials throughout the conference or experience problems logging in.

On-demand Session
Following the Keynote kickoff on April 23, Banff Session 2021 delegates will have several weeks to complete view the on-demand PD sessions they signed up for at their leisure! On-Demand PD sessions will be available until the end of the day on May 25. 

Sessions can be accessed under the “Sessions” menu item located on the left hand side of the Pheedloop virtual event platform. Likewise, information on the speakers can be found under the “Speakers” menu item.

Please note: On-demand sessions are meant to be viewed in one sitting. As such, navigation controls are not provided (pause, stop, etc) and navigating away from the window playing the presentation may cause the presentation to stop. This will result in the presentation having to be restarted in order for it to be completed and qualify for learning hours.

Check-in Surveys
To ensure conference delegates are dynamically engaged with the on-demand sessions, each session will contain a pop-up check-in survey that must be answered in order to inform the system that the session has been completed. These check-in surveys will randomly appear on delegates screens once per session and must be completed in an allotted time. 

Learning Hours & Completion Certificates
Delegates can pull a Completion Certificate upon the conclusion of the conference to self-report their LHs, following confirmation that they watched the sessions in their entirety and completed the check-in surveys in the time allotted. Completion certificates can be generated under the “Account” menu option and will only list the sessions that were watched in their entirety and had the check-in survey completed in the time allotted. 

The last date for certificate download through Pheedloop is August 31, 2021. The Banff Session Pheedloop virtual event platform will be shut down on September 1, 2021. 

Enjoy the conference!